Melbourne Weather & Climate

Climate | MelbourneThe climate in Melbourne has been described in many different ways, one of the most common is that you experience ‘four seasons in one day’.

Although changes in Melbourne’s weather can happen rather quickly, the seasons are clear. It is a wonderful place to witness the changing of the seasons, as the leaves turn during autumn, and the butterflies emerge in Spring.

The region enjoys a particularly mild climate all year around without great extreme. Melbourne is comfortable to visit at any time.

As Melbourne is part of Australia, it is in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that seasons here are the opposite to those in Europe, North America and some of Asia. Summers are typically warm to hot, with the really warm weather not kicking in until close to Christmas.

Spring and Autumn are typically quite balmy, while Winters are known for being very crisp. The month of June is normally incredibly foggy, which can result in some flights being delayed.